What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash Extensions NKY

Have you ever thought about getting eyelash extensions?

It can save you valuable time getting ready in the morning and keep you looking gorgeous even on your busy, rough days. Before you book your appointment at Zoe Grace Salon for the best eyelash extensions lets talk lashes.


One of the biggest misconceptions about eyelash extensions is that they will damage your natural lashes. If you go to a good salon your natural lashes will not be damaged. Finding a trained technician at a reputable salon like Zoe Grace Salon is key. If the extensions aren’t applied correctly or if hygienic practices aren’t followed then the growth of your natural lashes could be stunted.


The process of applying eyelash extensions is painless. Every single lash is placed individually. The lashes won’t touch your skin and your won’t feel a thing during the whole process. If you want a dramatic and thick look to your lashes the volume eyelash extensions are the best.

What Eyelash Extensions should you wear, you ask…

We will suggest the best length of the lashes based on your facial structure, features, and your daily makeup needs. The technician will ensure that your natural lashes can handle the desired thickness of your lash extensions.


It is best to avoid coating your eyelash extensions with thick layers of mascara that are hard to remove. You cannot use any oil-based cleanser or makeup remover to remove the mascara. Most people find that they do not even need to wear mascara when they have lash extensions. This will help to keep the lashes looking their best and last longer.


Lashes can last for 10 days to 3 weeks based on how well you maintain them and how often you have fill-ins. After that time frame you will notice some shedding. Don’t worry! This is completely normal! You can always come back to the salon for refills or a whole new set.


The classic lash is our most popular look. Zoe Grace Salon offers only the highest quality lashes to create the most beautiful and natural look. Whether it’s a soft and natural look or a dramatic eye-popping statement you want to make, we are here to help!

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