Lashes and Eyebrow Shaping


Zoe Grace Salon offers only the highest quality products to create the most beautiful lashes that look and feel completely natural.  Tinting, perming and temporary artificial eyelashes are all offered at our salon via the latest techniques in the industry to help you achieve the best look in both a safe and healthy manner.  Whether it's a soft and natural look or a dramatic eye-popping statement you want to make, we can help.

Individual Lashes

Add to makeup application. Last one day. $17

Strip Lashes

Add to makeup application. Last one day. $10

Eyelash Tinting

Intensify your real lashes with a new beautiful shade. Eyelash tinting is a great way to add fullness and dimension to your natural lashes. $24+ | Add on $20+

Eyelash Perming

Give your lashes a more lifted and curled look! Zoe Grace Salon will give you eyelashes you won’t want to hide with mascara. $71 +

Eyebrow Shaping

Your eyebrows are meant to accent your eyes so make sure they do! Our experts will reshape your brows so that they complement your eyes instead of overpowering them. $22+ | Add on $18+

Eyebrow Tinting

Enhance your natural brow with a little added color! Zoe Grace Salon will help your brows look fuller so that they frame your face perfectly. This is great for darkening a light brow, or covering any grey hairs. $22+ | Add on $18+