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Careers at Zoe Grace Salon & Med Spa - Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage you to watch A Day in the Life of a Zoe Grace Salon & Med Spa Team member or Hairstylist! A cosmetologist’s job description includes all the proper learned technical skills involved to perform services for our guests, as well as other daily operational aspects; i.e. attending meetings, tracking numbers for success, opening, running, self & salon marketing, photo taking, etc…

  • A Kentucky State Cosmetology License
  • Fashion sense
  • Excellent Grooming and Hygiene habits
  • Endurance - physically able to move and stand for long periods of time.
  • Ability to multitask and stay on a strict time schedule for guest services.
  • Humility and Drive. - Remain Teachable throughout their cosmetology career.
  • Great Interpersonal skills on what to say and what not to say to clients while serving them.
  • Hospitality and Servitude - ability to pamper and serve guest with a consistent experience
  • Positive attitude
  • Educate's guest
  • Ability to work well with a team, and receives feedback well.
  • Willingness to consistently build integrity and character, honesty.

For our guests to unleash their inner beauty by giving them a very personalized look in a 5-star salon. To make them feel welcome, valued, and first class. We want our team members to work together and be unstoppable! We create endless career opportunities to build a team of
hairstylists that can grow within Zoe Grace Salon & Med Spa and achieve their dreams.
CLICK HERE to watch a video from our owner of our team growth mission. 

Our salon is hourly and/or commission based, because we believe in the power of a team!

Booth Renting: Stylists are entrepreneurs. They are in charge of all aspects, business duties and cost of their business, without the support of a team. The cost to rent in the area ranges from $1,000-2,000/month.

Commission: Stylists are a part of a team that is backed by a salon. This provides stability, income and job security, and the flexibility to take time off work.

 Pay difference: The truth is, with all of the additional work, operational costs, insurance, and taxes you have to pay as a booth renter on average, you make 3% more than commission. Most booth renters actually make less than this when they count actual hours spent working rather than just time spent doing client services. 

Download Our Free 5 Step Training Manual HERE (coming Soon) to get the low down of how salons & med spas pay commission to their employees. Standard commission for a service provider at a salon is typically 30-40%, and this is contingent upon effort, other benefits you receive in the salon, and on training that is provided. Larger commissions are typically based on performance and "graduated" employees. This is based on a sliding scale or a lower based commission, with commission added when productivity and sales goals are met. Higher commission percentages also have product costs taken out. Some salons charge Stylists for the products they use by taking it out of the Stylists percentage. Typically, your income is greater with the lower commission percentage and no hidden product cost charge to the hairstylist. We prefer this upfront and honest approach with our pay structure. Hairstylists and Aestheticians are also eligible for tips, depending on the salons policy's.

Aesthetic nurses working in a med spa will typically get paid an hourly pay. Sometimes they will also receive an incentivized with a small % bonus system based n the services they perform and retail they sell. Nurses can not accept tips. It is illegal to accept tips as a nurse and/or on medical procedures. It is also illegal for nurses to receive commission as it is considered a "split fee" in the medical fee.

Though not all salons offer vacation time, at Zoe Grace Salon & Med Spa we are thrilled to offer this to our team. It starts after 1 full year of employment and increases with the years of service to our organization.

Our salon & med spa is open for business Tuesday through Saturday. As a full time hairstylist, you will work 4-5 days a week. At least two evening shifts and Saturdays are key while building a business behind the chair. What days and time you will work depends on what is needed and available at your time of hire.

Yes! This is recommended to get your foot in the door and get your feet wet!  At 300 hours you can apply for a shampooing license through the Kentucky state board, and as soon as this is obtained, you may start with assignments for the associate program. 

All stylists & nurses must work at the front desk for a two-week minimum, and for longer periods while completing cosmetology & nursing school and during your internship associate training. The amount of each varies, your time is broken up between working at the front desk and starting your training.

Cosmetologists or Aesthetic Nurses with under 2 years of experience will go through our associate program.

Think of this as a "masters in cosmetology &/or aesthetic nursing" training period that will last three months to a year.  It all depends on how diligent and driven you are with these assignments and how much time is put in outside of work completing the program. We are one of the very few salons & med spas in Northern KY that provide this opportunity for hairstylist & nurses in our area. For our nurses, we offer all certifications necessary in injectables in order to get started in the med spa industry after nursing school. 

The program is 3 to 12 months. This time is contingent upon commitment and effort to the associate program and individual training. There are phases, trainings, and testing.

For example, we have had hairstylists who want to work around the clock to get through this sooner and get on the floor. We have also had hairstylists who are single moms and need more time to work through the program. Everyone is different.

A level 1 hairdresser or aesthetic nurse is performing services for our guest and has completed our associate internship program. (or has a minimum of 1-2 years of experience in salon &/or med spa industry and has had prior training.)


A senior hairstylist has been through extensive training and gained experience through serving salon clients. They have reached certain milestones to gain promotion in our leveling system and they now are passing their talents onto the other stylists through education and training. This is much like the model of a “teaching hospital.”

Zoe Grace Salon & Med Spa offers our stylists a strategic plan of action and steps to build a business behind the chair in the quickest way possible. In fact, it is unheard of in our industry to have the success our hairstylists have had. When followed to a T, it has been proven to work and build in the fastest way possible. It takes hard work and diligent action, but the end reward far outweighs. 

We are excited to share this with you and support you through your journey in building your career as a cosmetologist! We have a proven plan of action that we guide our team members through and have a culture of support where a senior stylist & aesthetic nurse will help and guide those newer stylists and nurses that are starting out. We work as a team, leaving the ego behind, and strive for a common goal of going above and beyond for our guest to serve them and make them feel valued and first class.

There are many ways to do this that are proven to work. It is important when you’re switching salons or med spas, that you are choosing a career path where you can rebuild any lost income. We have helped many stylists and nurses build back up when switching to Zoe Grace Salon & Med Spa. We have proven techniques and plans of action gained through research and real-life experience that have proven to help hairstylist & nurses retain the highest number of clientele possible.

Should you ever choose to leave ZG, our agreement simply states that you will not contact ZG guests within one year of departure, nor will you provide services within a 10 mile radius of Zoe Grace Salon & Med Spa.

Yes! If you have not seen an email from us, make sure to check your spam folder. In the email you will receive instructions on what to do next in the interviewing process.

You need to have either a cosmetology or esthetician license and certification. This is one of the many benefits we can offer in house to our loyal team! When the time is right and milestones have been achieved, we are happy to provide this skill set to our employees.

This is one of the many benefits we can offer in house to our loyal team! We provide lash extension training after initial hiring training and when our service providers have become a master at our 5-star guest experience. When the time is right and milestones have been achieved, we are happy to provide this skill set to our employees. For Kentucky State Board, there is a list of approved eyelash extension providers for those without a cosmetology license.

This question is so involved and requires a little more information! Don’t worry we have provided it for you. Click to download your free report on how to find the perfect salon employment and how to interview!

How To Choose The Perfect Salon For Your Employment

Based on the information gathered from our employee feedback, it appears that the majority of your team members find their day-to-day life at work to be fulfilling and fun in terms of enjoyment.

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