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- Hairstylist for our Associate Program


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We want to help you build a career with our team doing what you love!

Zoe Grace Salon is a team-focused, supportive, honest and fun work environment. Our purpose is to make every client feel beautiful and confident in who they truly are.

We’re looking for new and experienced hairstylists that are fun, friendly, and radiate positivity.

You can expect:
• An upscale and fast paced work environment
• A defined career path
• Competitive pay
• Holiday and vacation time
• Supportive coworkers
• Flexibility
• Consistent growth opportunities

* No booth rent, marketing or other start up and extensive ongoing costs, no answering calls outside of work hours.


Hairstylist's job of a lifetime. Don't miss your cosmetology career opportunity of a lifetime! 

We want to invest in you! You will be a full time employee, not an independent contractor. You will receive guidance for long term success in our company.

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Hairstylist Salon Job Reviews

Ella King, Salon Owner

Best Hairstylist Fashion Colors Zoe Grace Salon NKY

Salon Team and Advance Training

Hairstylist - Ashely Wilson - Cincinnati, OH 45238
5+ years Experience 

- June 20, 2020 (date review posted)

Beautiful Salon

I have worked at Zoe Grace Salon for a little over 9 months. I love working at a place I can be proud of. I love our team and the atmosphere of our salon! We work well together and always support one another. 

Flexibility in Hairstylist Work Schedule

Being a hairstylist and single mom schedules can be tough. I am so grateful our leadership team at Zoe Grace Salon has always been understanding of this and approachable to talk with. They have truly been great to me and understanding when I have had roadblocks come up.

Hairstylist Advance Education

One of the other things I absolutely love is the advanced training I have received at Zoe Grace Salon. It is simply amazing and I can see real growth and opportunity for my future as a hairstylist with this salon and being a part of this team. I have learned to become a better hairstylist and a better person. We not only work in depth on our technical training but on ourselves as people too. I have learned to strive to be better in every aspect of my life!

Career Growth I Always Dreamed Of

Hairstylist/Cosmetologist (Former Employee)  287 Buttermilk Pike Fort Mitchell

- June 15, 2020 (date review posted)

I love having a purpose where I work. We focus not only on our mission to our clients, but also our mission to our team and to ourselves to be committed to excellence. I’ve learned so much I feel like I am always supported to accomplish my dreams and I’ve realized how much more purpose I can have in my career and life along with how much more money I can make being part of a team rather than working solo in a suite. I love having the freedom of not having to run all business aspects of my own solo salon. I’m so thrilled I made the switch We stay busy and driven and our clients love to visit! My clients have lived the switch.
Culture, Pay, Benefits, Education, Teamwork
Being part of a team sometimes I have to compromise as trust my team and leadership

Pleasantly Surprised

Hairstylist/Cosmetologist - (Former Employee) - 287 Buttermilk Pike Fort Mitchell

- June 10, 2020 (date review posted)

I’ve worked at a few different salons in the area and I really believe I have found my home. We do things differently than any other salon but I can tell we have greater purpose. I really feel like Im finally a part of something bigger and that we are going places and creating big opportunities for our salon. I love the education and encouragement and support for my team. The positive culture(we communicate, we don’t gossip) and a personal challenge of character growth within myself. Overall I am so happy I have been given the opportunity to work here and given all the benefits that come with it.
Benefits, Education, Team Support, Leadership, Income and Technical Goals

Best Salon ever!


Hairstylist -  Ft. Mitchell, KY - Experience: 5+ years

- June 2, 2020 (date review posted)

I love working at Zoe Grace Salon! I feel supported both professionally and personally here and the Owner Ella helps your grow your skills to be the Best you can be!

Beautiful salon and culture, gainful employment

Hairstylist - Fort Mitchell, KY

- June 9, 2020 (date review posted)
Upon joining the Zoe Grace Salon team my life and career have improved tremendously. The group of women are so uplifting and supportive in all our endeavors, and the room for growth both educational and financial are outstanding. I cant imagine my life and carreer anywhere else and have never experienced such a beautiful culture.

Zoe Grace Salon Hairstylist Northern KY

This is an Amazing Salon to Work

Hairstylist - Jensen Caudle, Walton, KY - 3+ years experience

- June 9, 2019 (date review posted)

Working at Zoe grace has really pushed me to be the best hairstylist I can be. I love how much we focus on our culture and having success as a team. We all work so well together and help each other whenever possible.

Cosmetology Career Cincinnati NKY Hairstylist

Salon Career at Zoe Grace

Cosmetologist - Tiffany Vornberger Florence, KY - 4+ years Experience

- December 6, 2019 (date review posted)

I have worked  at Zoe Grace for a little over a year.

I love working at Zoe Grace Salon because not only do I get to work with my coworkers who are more like family and my personal cheerleaders, I’ve also learned valuable life lessons that I can take with me my entire life.

Salon Education I Receive

Unlike most salons, we value having a purpose as to why we are in the salon business that we are in. We receive personalized coaching and encouragement to be the best we can personally and in our hairstylist careers. Our coaching is focused on growing technically in our cosmetology skills, growing financially with our take home pay and growing professionally by building our integrity. In my experience we receive the best education in Northern Kentucky.

My Career with Purpose...
I Get to WOW Our Guest

Our purpose is what drives us to show up and be committed to excellence for our clients everyday. I value that as a team we give our clients a five star experience whether it’s they’re first time with us or they’re 20th time. I truly stand behind Zoe Grace Salon and the wonderful team we have.

Cincinnati Hairstylist Cosmetologist

My Cosmetology Career

Hairdresser - Laura Allen - Florence, KY
10+ years Experience 

- February 21, 2020 (date review posted)

I am Now a Part of Something Bigger

Upon beginning my employment at Zoe Grace Salon, my entire attitude toward the workforce, and life in general has changed.  I am now a part of something bigger than I could have ever imagined. Our team of hairstylist, skin care specialist and guest service coordinators are now more like my family.  We laugh, cry, learn and grow together daily.  For Christmas we had the neatest little intimate party where we laughed, ate, shared stories, and exchanged gifts. It was so neat to feel like a little girl in my jammies laughing among my team, my friends.  

Cosmetology Training Opportunities

Along with these memories are the incredible technical skills which we get to obtain!  Learning and progressively mastering hair color, haircuts, hairstyling, smoothing services, airbrush makeup, eyelash extensions and even my take-home income growth is an incredible experience! The before and after pictures of my work are incredible! And the idea of being able to offer this to the guest I serve is wonderful!

The constant learning we are blessed with has changed my confidence in my cosmetology career immensely!  I can approach clients with ideas now and my confidence gives them confidence! I continue to learn from our education and trainings, our character growth focus caching, my own self discovery, and every person on our team. 

Our Salon Team

I’ve come to realize how much we can accomplish together and how strong we are as a team. After 10+ years in the industry, I am grateful to be a part of a mission and a dream that goes above and beyond what any other hair salon I have found has to offer. 

Excellent Salon to work at


Hair Stylist  - Fort Mitchell, KY 

- October 19, 2019 (date review posted)

Zoe Grace Salon offers top notch continued education for employees. As well as an excellent location for clientele wether you’re new to the industry or have several years in the industry.
Excellent Benefits, Great work environment, Excellent location

Very Happy I Switched Salons



(Former Employee) - 287 Buttermilk Pike Fort Mitchell

- July 3, 2019 (date review posted)
They help me to set goals and accomplish them. I love the culture, the structure and the growth opportunities I receive from leadership. Our team is so close it’s like a family and I have a profound trust for the management and believe they truly want me to succeed

We work as a team!

Hairstylist/Cosmetologist (Current Employee) - Ft. Mitchell, KY

- January 10, 2020 (date review posted)
It's a great atmosphere I always feel like I have support from my team! There is no drama which is hard to find in a salon. We also do lots of training so we are always up to date on the newest techniques!

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