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Lisa Daniel Testimonial
Lisa Daniel, Mental Health Therapist

From Blonde to Brunette in Highland Heights, Kentucky

In March of 2014, I went to Ella to have my hair and makeup done for pictures I was having taken for my upcoming wedding anniversary. Ella and I had a blast and when I gave the photo album to my husband, he said I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Ella was a big part in making this happen!

In the fall of 2014 with Ella's guidance (I trust her), she took me from a blonde to a brunette with soft warm highlights --- My husband now loves Brunettes!

I have gone to Ella for all my hair care needs for quite a few years now, she is very professional and gives me top notch customer service every time. She has trained her team of stylist to give me exceptional service as well. They offer a great line of products and my hair is so much healthier, I no longer have damaged split ends between haircuts. I especially love adding the shine gloss treatment and split end treatment to my color services. My hair has never looked or felt better!!

Alenka Maric, Project Analyst

Happy Salon Customer from Florence, Kentucky

I think Zoe Grace Salon is amazing and I am always beyond satisfied! My ideas about color, cuts, and styles are always listened to thoroughly and talked through. I feel like what I envisioned is what I get every time!! There isn't anything offered in this salon experience that I am not 100% satisfied with. I've learned a lot from Ella about different styling methods and have gained valuable product knowledge and usage, that I did not have before.

Jill Oldiges, Registered Nurse

5-Year Consistently Happy Customer from Erlanger, Kentucky

I've been going to Ella every 6 weeks for over 11 years now. My hair looks the best it ever has! I am consistently happy with Zoe Grace Salon and all the stylist she has trained. I am very picky when it comes to my color and haircut and she ALWAYS listens to what I want and also is honest about what would work for me and my specific type of hair. In the past, if I needed something changed, she always makes the time to change it. She uses the best hair product. My color always looks great and doesn't fade. I also love the personal attention she gives to detail with all my hair services, the set up of the salon is very modern and personal, and the fact that Ella keeps current with all the latest hair trends and products.

Lori Summers, Sales

Ella Makes Me Feel Like I'm Her Only Client - Customer from Cincinnati, Ohio

Ella always makes me feel like I'm her only client. She's never late, she never rushing through my appointment, and she takes the time to do the extra touches that make me feel special. Ella is amazing at what she does and I have never been happier with my hair!! I also appreciate her taking the time to help me understand how to use products and tools to keep my hair looking great in between appointments, as well as protect my hair from becoming damaged by cutting smaller amounts more often.

Jennifer Overhulse, Editorial / Media Services

I Appreciate Ella's Commitment to Ongoing Education - Customer from Verona, Kentucky

I have visited Zoe Grace Salon multiple times and have very positive feelings about this business. Last year, I wanted to change my color a bit. I brought photos and Ella collaborated with me, recommending a combination of base color and highlights which brightened my color and exceeded my expectations. Now, I absolutely LOVE my color! Ella recommended I condition every time I wash my hair to reduce the start of split ends. I also get the Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment for the health and condition of my hair. I appreciate her commitment to ongoing education and ability to make recommendations that improve the health of my hair and the style as well!

Judy Tepe, Party Planner

Ella Always Makes My Hair Look the Absolute Best - Customer from Burlington, Kentucky

Zoe Grace Salon is upscale, trendy, and fabulous. The biggest benefit I receive is my hair is kept current. Ella always makes my hair look the absolute best it can and my hair color is always beautiful! It gives me confidence and builds my self-esteem knowing I look my best. I was actually getting a face/makeup/makeover at a top salon with some friends and the makeup artist called over 3 of their hair designers to look at my great haircut. They were all saying how impressed they were with my haircut and hair color. That definitely made me feel beautiful and confident!

Jamie Rubrecht, Stay @ Home Mom

Ella is the Best at Color! - Customer from Cincinnati, Ohio

I visit the Zoe Grace Salon about every 6 weeks and I Love it! Ella is the best at hair color! I absolutely LOVE how she colors my hair and then gives me tips on styling it and keeping it healthy. My hair is healthier now and looks better than it ever has. Ella taught me how to work with - and love - my coarse, wavy, crazy hair in a way that I and others take notice!

Barbara Bushman, Community Volunteer

I Like How I Get Styling Tips - Customer from Covington, Kentucky

Zoe Grace Salon is a very well run salon business and I've been going since it opened. My experience with this beauty salon is that, I know every time I go, I will look good when I leave and I have a bit of an "uptick" in myself esteem because of how I look. I like how I get styling tips, so when I do my hair at home I will at least have a chance to make it look as good as when I leave the salon. I also like being able to purchase the products she uses in the salon. I have learned I can't get the same look when I've used different products at home, rather than using what Ella uses in the salon.

Alice Gabbard, Director at Northern KY University

This Hair Salon is Extremely Exceptional! - Customer from Ft. Thomas, Kentucky

I love that I can say "Do whatever you think is best," and trust that the outcome will be phenomenal. This hair salon is extremely exceptional! I have gained self-confidence because my hair style and hair color look good. I get so many compliments all the time! When I look at photos of myself pre-Ella, I am astonished at the difference artisanal hair care makes. I now have a much more professional appearance! Her staff has been trained to continuously deliver the same results every time I visit her new location.

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