3 Reasons To Get A Brazilian Blowout®

Brazilian Blowout, What Happens Before and After

If you’ve heard the buzz about the Brazilian Blowout® but don’t understand what it’s all about, let me explain.  It’s the very essence of a woman’s nature to be unhappy with the way she looks and strive to be something different that she perceives as better.  It’s because of this little flaw in our nature, that women are constantly changing their hair and sometimes end up with over-processed, frizzy and even brittle hair.  Though we’ve enjoyed our many colors and different styles over the years, we now long for the days of smooth, shiny, healthy feeling hair.

Thankfully, good old-fashion science has come to our rescue again.  Those of you with hair that’s naturally frizzy listen up too – this is as much for you as for women with over-processed hair.Advancements in technology haven’t been just about computers and technical gadgets.  In fact, they’ve come up with a pretty great way to help us girls with damaged hair get back that healthy shine we used to have – and that’s what all the buzz is about the amazing Brazilian Blowout®!

Before we get too far ahead let’s look at some of the methods we’ve used to cause this frizzy dull mop to happen in the first place.  Then you can decide whether or not the Brazilian Blowout® is right for you:

1.  Hair Color Damage.

Blonde girls have more fun, right?  Not after years of processing they don’t. Lightening your hair can ultimately lead to dry, damaged strands that don’t feel soft and certainly aren’t shiny anymore.  No worries – your answer is here!

2. Using The Blow Dryer On Your Hair Daily.

Those of us with frizzy hair learned how to use the blow dryer to smooth our locks by concentrating the heat on small sections of hair while using a metal, wired or round brush to pass through it several times.  The increased focus of heat combined with the pulling of the brush caused the curls or frizz to straighten and smooth out.  Unfortunately, the damage resulting from this intense heat and pulling is incredible. Years of doing this has probably left you with a dried out frizz that you spend way to much time on every day.  Not anymore! That’s why THIS specific type of keratin smoothing treatment also the PERFECT Treatment for our Curly Girls!

3.  Damaged Hair From The Straightening Iron.

In this case, all we’re doing is swapping the hot air of a blow dryer with the intense heat of metal plates being clamped down on small sections of hair repetitively until the desired straightness is achieved.  Do you remember seeing the video of the girl who burnt her hair off? And I shudder to think of those who use the flat iron on slightly damp hair.  If you hear a sizzle – this is not good!  Want to wake up with smooth hair everyday? Now you can!

On top of literally frying your hair to achieve straightness, odds are you’ve spent a ton of money looking for products that claim to smooth your hair and lock out the moisture.  I’m not saying those products aren’t helpful because they are.  However, I’m guessing if you had to spend time outside on a humid day they didn’t lock the moisture completely out and you still ended up with the same frizzy mess you always do.  So let’s move on already to something that really works.

The Brazilian Blowout works for women who suffer from the frizzy mess that can come from badly damaged hair or hair that’s been processed a lot.  In fact, pretty much everyone who desires smoother hair with less frizz can benefit from getting a Brazilian Blowout.  In addition, this is the only straightening treatment that doesn’t cause damage and actually improves the health of your hair.

So what are the 3 reasons you should consider getting a Brazilian Blowout?

1.  If your hair is damaged from excessive heat, processing, etc., the Brazilian Blowout® will actually improve its condition.  Who doesn’t want shinier hair? Not to mention it is completely customizable to enhance your beautiful curls if that’s your #hairgoal

2.  There’s no waiting game once you have it applied.  In other words, if you need to go home and get ready for a hot date then do it!  You can wash your hair, style it, put it up or do anything you want with it immediately!

3.  It only takes 90 minutes!  Seriously, some of us girls can spend that much time just taking a shower and trying to smooth out our hair morning after morning.  In just 90 minutes flat, you can set aside the expensive products, long blow-dry time and frizz for the next 12 weeks and have more money and time in the morning for other things, like getting the kids ready faster for school.

Easy Fast Hair Styling is Key…

At the end of the day, getting a Brazilian Blowout will save you time, money and give you healthier, shiner hair.  What are you waiting for?

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