5 Key points to shampooing your hair correctly… (video)

How to Shampoo Your Hair Correctly

Follow these 5 Steps and Read Step 5 Twice

  1. Make sure your hair is really wet before you apply your shampoo.
  2. When applying your shampoo and conditioner be sure to spread it through your hands before applying it to your hair.
  3. With your shampoo start applying at the scalp then work through the ends, and be sure to spread it on the hidden places underneath your hair on your scalp. For your conditioner start applying on your ends, then work a little to your scalp.
  4. Salon quality shampoo and conditioners often have a higher concentration of ingredients. To get a rich lather, use less product than you normally would and more water. Using more shampoo won’t increase the lather but water will.
  5. When rinsing your shampoo and conditioner it is SO IMPORTANT to lift your hair away from your scalp and rinse your scalp really well underneath. If product is left on your scalp underneath, it will be hard to style your hair, especially with volume, and build up will be created. This is especially true with thick hair. Most people just lean their head back in the shower and let the water run over top, but it is not actually rinsing the under part of your scalp. With conditioner, if needed you can leave about 10% through your ends (but still not on your scalp area!)

Below is the How To Shampoo Your Hair Video Transcript

Hi my name is Ella King. I’m at Zoe Grace Salon and I’m also a Keune educator for cosmetology. Today I just wanted to go over something very simple which is shampooing your clients for the stylist and also for clients to shampoo properly at home.

Ok so anytime you start with shampooing your hair whether it be in the shampoo bowl or in the shower you want to make sure it is really wet before you begin. And then you’re going to get your shampoo.

I always show them how much I’m doing like one pump. And then you always rub your shampoo through your hands first and you lightly coat the outside. Then you start to work it through. I’m going to make sure too when you’re in the shower to get under here really good, some people don’t get the shampoo by your scalp well enough.

As you go through the shampoo at the salon you want to make sure to get the sides really well, don’t leave those out. Ask the client how the pressure is. If the shampoo is not lathering up enough, especially with professional shampoo you would want to add a little more water rather than adding more shampoo. It’s a higher concentration so you don’t need as much as your store bought shampoo.

So the key with rinsing, here is the biggest mistake people make when they are shampooing their hair at home, is when they are in the shower, the shower heads up high and it’s rinsing them and they kind of just lean their head back and let the water run over them. But under the hair, as you can see, it’s not getting rinsed and when you’re in the shower it’s really important to put your fingertips in by your scalp, lift your hair out and let the water run through by your scalp for a few minutes to let it really get rinsed well.

Same thing on the sides. Or you can also get a handheld shower head to make it easier to get in closer but if you don’t get this area then you get build-up and it’s a lot harder to get the volume you want when you’re styling.

Also, make sure you’re getting way under here (at the base) so you might want to separate your hair when you’re in the shower.

In the salon make sure to keep the water out of your client’s face. Don’t let it splash all over them, block them from it.

After you rinse, you squeeze the hair, the more water you can get out the better the hair absorbs your conditioner. When I get conditioner I get one pump, and I just show the client how much I’m using. You will always want to spread it through your hands first then lightly coat the outside.

Now with the conditioner I’m going to start at the ends because I want the highest concentration of my conditioner through the ends rather than the scalp. Then I might rub my hands a little more to spread it through my fingers and start to work it through the hair.

So with the shampoo I started by rubbing it and then coating the outside through the top because that’s where I want it to get the cleanest is by the scalp and then working it through the ends. And with the conditioner I’m starting at the ends and working my way to the scalp. So there’s just a smaller amount of product on the scalp. Wherever you start to apply is where you will have a higher concentration of the product.

And then you will rinse, so again I’m blocking the client’s face and if you’re in the shower at home the water is rinsing over top but it’s not getting under here so you got to make sure to put your fingertips in there, lift your fingers away from the scalp and really rinse well by your scalp, on these sides and then the crown especially.

People always ask me the difference between store bought and salon bought shampoo And my thought is you go to the grocery store to nourish your body you go to a salon to nourish your hair so you probably don’t want to get your hair products at the grocery store.

But also, if you think about it just from a business aspect, like for example McDonald’s, in order to sell their cheeseburgers really cheap they have to use cheap product in order to do it. They don’t have the highest quality meat or the highest quality onions, but say you go to the bone fish grill they have that real onion you are going to pay more for it but they’re working with the good stuff. It’s the same thing with hair product if you’re buying it cheap they are using cheap products to make it.

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