6 Reasons why you are wasting your money on Store Bought Shampoo and Conditioner

Store Bought Shampoo & Conditioner vs Professional Salon Bought Shampoo & Conditioner

1.) Nourish your body at the grocery store, they specialize in nutrition. Nourish your hair at the salon, they specialize in hair.

2.) It’s the same concept as McDonald’s using dried onion flakes and water to create their onions in order to sell their double cheeseburger for cheap vs. Bone Fish Grill or Outback Steakhouse using fresh real onions, but because the food cost more to create, it also cost a little more to the consumer. Salon Hair Product brands use better materials to make their product. Although certainly better than store bought shampoo, not all Salon Shampoo is created equal, Be sure to ask your hairstylists what professional hair product brand they trust and believe is specifically right for your hair.

3.) Professional Salon shampoo is typically made in a higher concentration. Therefore you use less because it goes further and you buy it less often. Really if you do the math it costs about the same when used correctly, except it leaves your hair in much better condition.

4.) Your hair is your number one accessory. If you’re willing to pay $100 for a pair jeans you wear once a week, get perspective – you wear your hair every day. Healthy hair = beautiful hair.

5.) Especially when having professional hair color done in the salon – Salon shampoo and conditioner from the same professional hair color brand, are used and tested in the same lab and in conjunction with their hair color. It is basically like insurance for your hair health and hair color. Hair color holds best and stays vibrant longer on healthy hair.

6.)If salon hair product and store-bought products were the same quality, salons and hairstylists would also buy it from the store to save on cost for the salon! However we notice a huge difference in the health of the hair when salon hair product is used, so that is what we use in the salon. Shiny Hair = Healthy Hair (sorry there’s no other way around it!)

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