What hair cut fits my face shape?

face shape beauty analysis at Zoe Grace Salon

Face Shape Analysis is Key to Choosing the Best Haircut for You!

Have you ever gone into a salon with a picture of your favorite celebrities hair wanting to walk
out looking just as fabulous as them, but left wondering why it doesn’t look the same on you?
It is most likely because the hairstyle you chose does not fit your face shape. At Zoe Grace Salon
we work to make sure that your new look fits your face shape before we commit to the haircut. We
take the time to test the high points of your face to determine which hairstyles will work best for
your unique facial features.

What is your Face Shape?

So what is your face shape? When determining your face shape we like to look at your hairline,
width and length of your face, and jawline. When you come to Zoe Grace Salon we will pull your
hair away from your face and use our system to determine which face shape you are- oval,
square, round, heart, long, or diamond, or a combination.

Face Shape – oval, square, round, heart, long, or diamond, combination – It’s Simply about the Balance

Hairstyles and face shapes are all about balance. For example, if you have a round face, layers
would be a great option for you. The choppiness of layers will add angles to your facial features.
If you like medium-length hair, keep the length just below your jaw line, which will elongate the
roundness. Ask your Zoe Grace Salon stylist to layer the mid-lengths and ends to keep the
silhouette streamlined.

Do you have a square shaped face? If you’d like to enhance the squareness go for some blunt
bangs or a short bob. Want to tone it down? Try some soft, wispy bangs falling to the side to
create diagonal lines.

Beauty Analysis is What You Need to Determine Your Face Shape and Focal Points

Regardless of your face shape or style dreams we will work with you to determine what
hairstyle looks best for your face shape. Zoe Grace Salon will leave your feeling confident and
glowing. Book an appointment at Zoe Grace Salon to determine what look is best for you!