Choosing Hair Color this Fall: Celebrity Edition

I freaking love fall, specifically fall fashion and flavors. Flannel, an excuse to buy new boots, pumpkin spice e’rything. It’s also a great opportunity to switch up your style and experiment with new hair colors! But which hair colors are going to be hot this fall? Who better to look to than some of 2017’s leading ladies?

The trend tends to be to go darker during fall and winter, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to completely give up those highlights you worked so hard on. If you find yourself choosing hair color this fall, here’s the latest cool-weather trends the celebrities will be sporting as the seasons change.

On top of absolutely killing it at the MET Gala this year, it’s my personal opinion that Gisele is, and always has been, the bronde champion. When choosing hair color, her blend of blonde and brown is the perfect option for both darker haired ladies who went lighter this summer and aren’t ready to totally abandon their highlights—I know you went through a lot to get them, after all—and blonde women who just want to tone it down a little. With any kind of blended color, consider asking your hairstylist to use a balayage or color melting technique so that the colors merge and grow out more naturally, and you can rock the look for longer.

“Deep Chocolate”
All. Hail. Gal. Gadot. Also known as Superwoman, our ultimate girl crush, and the reason we hit the gym extra hard this summer. We have stars like her and Zendaya to thank for a resurging popularity in deep, rich, chocolate brown hair this fall. Not that it ever really went out of style, but if you’re choosing hair color as the seasons change, deep chocolate is certain to be in full force this year.

“Deep Red”
So, the Oscars were a little bit of a mess this year. Between the cringe-worthy card mix-ups and the repeated “Hidden Fences” gaffe—yikes—we could at least be pleasantly distracted by our girl Emma Stone. She’s radiated class, charisma, and warmth throughout her entire career, and this year her deep red hair color is making a major comeback.

Another way for blondes to hang on to their lightened hair this fall is to do a two-tone double blonde or “babylights” look, which brightens the look by adding very thin highlights. Choosing hair color like the micro white-blonde highlights will add dimension to your all-over color and make everything look more natural. Charlize Theron, who is one of maybe a dozen women who can rock a bra as a shirt over the age of 40 and still look classy, has rocked the babylights for years. Especially if you were blonde as a child, the sun naturally did this to your hair in the summertime. If your blonde dulled a little or got brassy over the summer, double-blonde babylights will help freshen up your look for a new season.