We likely spend more time looking at our phones than we do looking in the mirror. Fortunately, we can now look to our phones as a beauty aid. Beauty apps are popping up all the time. From virtually trying on make-up to checking out a hairstyle, there are many apps that can assist you with many of your beauty questions. Here are a few apps to check out:

1. GlamScout. Use this app when you see an ad for lipstick, eye shadow, etc. Take a photo and upload it to Glamscout. It quickly identifies the makeup shades on the eyes, skin, and face with product matches from many brands across various price points.

2. Spruce. This app takes skin care to a new level. It offers dermatologist appointments through your phone. You can choose a certified dermatologist through the app and then share skin issues, information, photos, etc. Within 24 hours you can receive a personalized skin care plan. This service will cost $40.

3. Visada. You upload a selfie and the Visada app will analyze your photo to develop a personalized comprehensive beauty profile. It will make an assessment of your skin, eye care, etc. and offer suggestions to your beauty regimen.

4. Keep Shopping. This app allows you to shop universally. You can purchase beauty products from all different places and they can all be purchased at one time making the process easy.

5. MatchCo. This app helps find the right base shade for you. You scan a few images of your skin and MatchCo creates a blend and will send it right to your door.

6. Beautylish. This app has all kinds of features, including product reviews, trend recaps, and tips for hair, nails, skincare, and makeup.