How do I stop my hair from thinning?

If you’ve recently noticed your hair thinning no doubt you’ll be doing all you can to get it looking thicker, glossier and back to its best. Your hair is a reflection of your health, diet and wellbeing – a healthy lifestyle will naturally make your hair look healthy too! You must start doing a regimen AS SOON AS you see the thinning start, there does become a point where it is too late to prolong or reverse by products alone.

Here are a few tips to keep your hair from thinning:

1. Protein. Increasing the amount of dietary protein you eat can really help. Make sure your hair is balanced with enough protein from your salon shampoo and conditioner as well.

2. Let your hair down. Constantly pulling your hair into tight ponytails, wearing too many hair extensions and excessive blow-drying will cause strain on your hair follicles and could cause traction alopecia. If you have thinning hair, choose a loose hairstyle rather than a tight up do, avoid having the wrong type of hair extensions and give your hair a break from excessive styling and mechanical breakage.

3. Listen to your body. Thinning hair can be caused by thyroid conditions, particularly hypothyroidism which is seen in postmenopausal women. Left untreated the condition can cause hair to thin and become dry. If you have concerns talk to your doctor.

4. Vitamins. Nutritional deficiencies such as B12 and Vitamin D can slow down hair growth and can cause hair thinning. Dietary B12 deficiency can be easily resolved by increasing your intake of meat, fish, eggs, dairy and by taking a good quality B Complex.

5. Increase your iron. Low iron is one of the most common causes of hair thinning, so try to reboot hair from the inside out by including lean red meat in your diet or take an iron supplement.

6. Look after your scalp. A healthy scalp is vital to having healthy hair. There are a few great products on the market that may help your scalp stay healthy and encourage growth(there are also a lot that will be a waste of your money, don’t go cheap on this one). Talk to your stylist about what products can help you.

7. Conditioner. If you don’t use conditioner, over time hair can become dehydrated, which can then lead to hair becoming damaged and brittle. Look for lightweight conditioners that contain panthenol and glycerin that moisturize and keep fragile hair strong.