Requirements for Your Next Appointment – Covid-19 Salon Re-open Requirements

Re-opening Regulations for  Zoe Grace Salon after Covid-19 Pandemic


To Our Loyal Guests:

  Words can’t express how excited we are to see you again! With much anticipation and planning to reopen Zoe Grace Salon, we wish to assure you that we are taking safety measures and are prepared for a new safe normal.   We have added some extended sanitation and safety practices to our everyday sanitation standards.  Please know that we are going above and beyond* to ensure the Peace of mind of each and everyone of our guests!  Should we miss something, please let us know asap!  We are here for you, and we’re all in this together!

Along with completing the client screening form that will be sent attached to your appointment e-mail confirmation, Please note and implement the following for your next visit to Zoe Grace Salon:


Appointments Only/No Walk In Business

–  We are currently only allowed to operate at a  Reduced occupancy. Also, we ask that if you have any doubts regarding your health at all, please consider all parties involved and reschedule. 


Temperature Check

– Along with other questions we will be required to ask, We will ask for your temperature upon arrival, Please take it before you arrive and stay home if it’s above normal.  If you are sick, or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive, please reschedule. – Reschedule fees waived for the months of May and June.


Wear a Mask

– Don’t Forget to Bring your Mask!* Our stylists will be wearing masks, and all of our guests must do the same to enter the building. If you forget your mask, no worries, we will have a limited supply of disposable masks available for $3 each.(as we have all learn the price of these masks have jumped significantly)  Please tell us when you call from the parking lot to check into your appointment. – *Please note it is inevitable that you may get color on you mask so don’t wear your favorite!


Fly Solo

– We ask that scheduled guests arrive alone to each appointment, so that we can keep the number of people in the salon to a minimum.  We will not be able to let anyone without an appointment in the building. 


Upon arrival outside

–  We ask that you call or text to check-in to your appointment.   We will notify you when your stylist is ready for your appointment, but unfortunately we can not let you in the building until then.  


Washing Stations

–  Upon entering the salon, you will need to wash your hands. We will also have hand sanitizer throughout the salon. 


Maintain Distance

– We ask whenever possible to maintain 6ft from others while in the salon.*


We are all going to be navigating a new “normal”,  and appreciate your cooperation and patience.  We adore our guests and are excited to see you! With this new normal* comes new scheduling to ensure and allow safe distancing.  We can’t wait to accomodate you and continue to deliver beautiful experiences! 


We thank you for your loyalty and support during these trying times.  


*Extra Measures we are going to take to ensure the safety of our guests:


  1.  Per usual, we will diligently and intensely sanitize and clean our stations, as well as the salon
  2.  We will stagger shifts, and space our stations whenever possible
  3.  As always, new capes for each guest
  4.  We are sure to  thoroughly sterilize all of our tools between each guest.  ei:  shears, clippers, combs
  5.   We will provide sanitizer and our service providerss will be required to practice extra hand washing
  6.   Implement clean linens in order to use precision with services, along with masks
  7.   Diligently disinfect all high-touch areas ei: restrooms, doors, desks 
  8.   We will utilize gloves, along with all known measures at every opportunity possible


Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for Covid



COVID symptoms list:



Small business resource: Here’s a potentially helpful business related resource:



  Prior to your visit, if any of the following are questionable, please for the safety of others and yourself we ask that you reschedule!

  • Do you have a fever?
  • Are you experiencing shortness of breath or any difficulties breathing?
  • Recent loss of taste or smell?
  • Are you/have you been in contact with anyone confirmed Covid-19?

Positive responses to any of these will indicate a discussion with your stylist prior to scheduled services.  For testing, please see the list of State and Territorial Health Department Websites.