Tips for Choosing the Best Salon Near Me

Hairdressing tools on wooden background with copy space at top

After a few trips to the beach or other fun summer vacations you may find yourself asking Google “what is the best hair salon near me?” The summer winds, salt, and chlorine can be rough on your hair and choosing a salon to help tame your summer hair can feel overwhelming. Whether you are searching for a hair color, hair cut, or hair treatment I have 3 easy tips to help choose the best hair salon near you.

1. Read reviews on the best hair salons near you and check out their social media pages

We live in a social media driven world, and people are not afraid to share their experiences! Chances are if someone has had a good or bad experience at a salon they will be posting about it. Google Reviews have ratings for businesses along with reviews, look what people are saying!

After you find a few that you like head over to their salon’s social media pages. This will give you a better visual indication of the work that they do. You will also be able to view their clients comments and feedback about their salon visits. Checking out social media pages can also give you an indication of the salon’s prices, which is step 2.

2. Price check salons near you

Everyone loves a good bargain, but when it comes to salons, less doesn’t always mean more. I have found that salons who charge higher prices are doing so because it improves your salon experience. Higher prices mean that salons are using higher quality products on your hair. This is also an indication of experienced stylists. Stylists who take the time to continue their education by paying to attend classes on the latest trends and styling techniques are passionate about what they do. This passion will translate into the best salon visit for you!

Always take the time to price check multiple salons in your area. Keep in mind the services that you are looking for and remember that when it comes to salons, you get what you pay for! You will never regret paying more for your number one accessory… YOUR HAIR! Choose a couple of salons within your budget and follow step 3.

3. Ask for a consult with the hairstylist

A lot of the best salons near you will be happy to have a free consultation. They care about building a relationship with their clients and are confident in the services that they provide. Yes, you may have read multiple reviews on how awesome their salon is, but nothing beats seeing it for yourself!

Meeting with a hairstylist will allow you to ask questions about your hair, while allowing the stylist to learn about your hair history. Having this initial meeting will make you feel confident that the hairstylist will respect your requests and teach you new things about your hair along the way.

After you have completed these steps book that appointment! Remember that the best salons will be booked out for a few weeks or even a month, but that just means you did a great job in picking a salon. Their clients are happy and returning regularly!

Finding a great salon is worth the research and if you do it right the first time, chances are you will never want to switch! So, next time you find yourself asking, “ What is the best hair salon near me?” just follow these easy steps and you will have fabulous hair in no time!