Dry Shampoo vs. Texturizing Powder

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Contrary to popular belief, the two products are NOT one and the same. Shampooing is designed to clean your hair of dirt, oil, and hair products. Dry shampoo is a temporary solution used to give the appearance of cleaner hair. it is typically alcohol or starch-based to soak up excess oil that tends to weigh your hair down.

You still need to shampoo and condition your hair on a regular basis to properly clean your hair and scalp, keeping it healthy.

Using dry shampoo is relatively easy, but it is recommended that you practice first before relying on it to save a “bad hair” day. It is possible to spray too much on. Keeping the dry shampoo about six inches from your scalp, spray in short bursts directly at the roots mostly in your part and around your hairline. Combing or brushing can help to spread the shampoo around, but what I love to do most is take a hand towel and gently rub the dry shampoo back out of the hair. Along with removing the dry shampoo, this also removes the dirt and oils from your hair. Dry shampoo can also be the perfect solution at the end of the day to refresh your hairstyle without having to wash, dry/style before going out.

Texturizing powder can sometimes refresh your hairdo, but it is not designed to absorb excess oil. It is created from silica particles that have the unique physical property of binding to the hair shaft, creating a bit of friction between separate strands of hair. This allows a more voluminous hair style for both men and women that lasts throughout the day.

Very little texturizing powder is necessary to instantly give a bit of volume to your hairstyle. My favorite is Keune Blend Volumizing Powder. Apply by sprinkling it mostly at the roots of your hair. Use your fingers to style your hair, rubbing up the volume from underneath and then scrunching it into place. Your hair will instantly feel thicker and have more volume than ever.