Looking Great at a Moment’s Notice

looking great at a moments notice

It’s almost five o’clock Friday afternoon and you get a text from Tessa, “Party at my place 6:30. Come ready to ring in the season!” And so it starts . . .

With all the holiday events you’ll be attending this month, knowing how to use your styling products will make the difference between walking into the party confident in how your hair looks or desperately wishing hats were still in style.

With barely enough time to change from office clothes to your party clothes, what do you do about your hair? Especially if you ran out of time this morning and didn’t shampoo?

Not to worry. Your stylist has a whole arsenal of tools that will help.

First up is a can of dry shampoo(my favorite Moroccanoil Light or Dark). Just a couple of short bursts at the roots, a quick scalp massage to work the shampoo into your hair so it can absorb the oil that’s responsible for that flat, unwashed look, then rubbing it back out with a dry towel. Within two minutes, your hair is lifted back up in style, and a bit of hair spray will keep you going all through the party.

Hair not dirty, but still needs a lift? Some dry shampoos can work to give your hair a lift , but there are better products for this problem. One of the best is a texturizing powder, my favorite…Keune Blend Volume Powder. Lift strands of hair and puff just the tiniest bit of the volume powder at the roots, especially at the crown of your head where hair tends to flatten most often. Putting your fingertips under your hair, a little gentle massage at the roots with an upward motion, and quick styling with fingers or wide-toothed comb and your hair has perked up just in time for the party. A quick spray to hold it in place for a night of dancing.

Be warned that you might wish to try these products ahead of time. Too much dry shampoo and you’ll want to opt for the shower and a full restyle. But used properly, dry shampoo can be one of your best friends. Same with texturizing/volume powder, a little bit goes a long way.