Hair Color for Dark Hair You Didn’t Know Existed


That’s usually the extent of what comes to mind when people think of “dark hair,” but the options of hair color for dark hair are actually way more varied than you might guess! I’ve put together a few of my favorites for any dark-haired ladies looking to make a change!

#1 Sable
Sable brown is a warm, chocolate hair color for dark hair with a rich, velvety finish. Sounds delicious, right? The color gets its name from this cute little tree-dweller and is also similar to the deep reddish brown color of henna. Mila Kunis has owned this velvety color for years, and I’ve always really admired her for knowing not to mess with it too much over the years—it suits her perfectly! Sable hair is best for women with warm, yellow, and olive undertones.

#2 Inky
Inky blue-black hair is maybe my favorite hair color for dark hair. It’s dramatic, sexy, but still classy—incredibly bold without resorting to unconventional rainbow colors. And properly hydrated black hair has so much shine, it’s guaranteed to turn heads. While it looks best on women with warmer undertones, it looks fantastic on even the fairest and darkest complexions. Since the inky black hair color is super saturated, make sure you consult a very experienced hairstylist as to whether or not the color is right for you. After getting the color, you’ll want to condition your hair regularly to keep it from falling flat. A weekly, moisturizing hair mask is also a great way to maintain shine!

#3 Ash Brown
Ash brown is a hair color for dark hair that highlights blacks and browns with subtle hints of gray or icy silver, depending on what look you’re after. These highlights add serious dimension to your dark locks while keeping the look cool and edgy. Remember that the ash color zaps any warmth from your hair, so if you already have cool undertones, this color could wash you out. It looks best on women with cool undertones.

#4 Dark Gold
You can “go dark” while still being blonde, and America’s (somewhat clumsy) sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence is the perfect example of that. Adorable new mom Ellen Pompeo, also known as Meredith Grey from Grey’s anatomy, defined an era of television with her dark gold locks. This is a great hair color for women who were born with lighter blonde hair, who are tired of lifting and bleaching. Embrace the dark blonde! If you’d like, you can also ask your hairstylist to give it a more burnished or metallic look, like Cameron Diaz’s, which is best for women with yellow and peach undertones.

#5 Cinnamon
It’s also possible to have “red” hair without it being fiery or loud—not that there’s anything wrong with fiery or loud! But if you’re looking for a tamer kind of red, cinnamon brown is a great color for dark hair that adds a little bit of “spice” without going over the top. Emma Stone and Beyoncé both totally nail this look. This color looks best on women with yellow or peachy undertones.