Latest Hair Trends of 2017

And then, from the rose gold phenomenon grew the latest hair color trend, “blorange.” It’s a peachier version of rose gold, but sticks with the pastel-sherbet theme. This picture here is a really nice mixture of the two. GreenI admit, when I heard green hair was one of the latest hair trends, it gave me some pause. Green hair makes me think of someone getting Nickelodeon slime dumped on their head, or the really unfortunate color your highlights turn if you spend too much time in the pool. But if you go for a metallic or deep emerald hue, it’s actually gorgeous.   Metallic and neon hair in general is very popular this year. The crazier, the better. Just please be sure to leave the process to a professional! A DIY box dye job will save you some money on the front end, but you’ll be kicking yourself after a handful of days—if not immediately. When experimenting with unconventional hair color, a professional job with high-quality product is the difference between looking edgy, and looking like you’re having some kind of mental breakdown. Contour ColoringIn an article I wrote about balayage, I mentioned that it’s totally customizable. Using the balayage technique, you and your hairstylist can pick the best shade and placement for your complexion and bone structure. Just like when you contour your makeup, color contouring gives your hairstylist the creative freedom to hand paint the color onto your hair in the way that is most flattering for your features. It’s like a perfectly tailored outfit, but for your face!