Makeup Tutorial: How to Do Quick Makeup Before Work or School Part 2

So, I love a good contour as much as the next woman, but, let’s be honest, it’s so very time consuming and requires attention to detail that we don’t always have in the morning before rushing out the door. Like I said in Part One, I’m a working mom! Contour can be fun for date night or a special event, but it’s just not realistic for my everyday routine. In this video, I wanted to share what I think is the best way to give yourself a gorgeous, airbrushed look in under five minutes, so you can get out the door and get onto being a boss.  

1.  Under eye cleanup: Before you start, make sure to clean up any shadow or eyeliner that might have fallen under your eyes! If you accidentally mix it in with your under-eye concealer, it could make your dark circles look worse instead of better. 

2.  Liquid foundation: Put a few drops of foundation on your forehead, cheekbones, nose, chin, and just a little on your neck. (If you’re looking for a product that only takes a few drops, I use Younique’s Mineral Liquid Foundation in the Chiffon shade.) Start at your forehead, and brush and blend the makeup outward. Repeat the brushing and blending all the way down your face to your neck. My personal favorite foundation brush is Lancome #7, but really any flat top brush will give you that nice airbrushed look at the end. 

3.  Concealer: When putting concealer under your eyes, you can apply it a couple of ways. If you’re not getting much sleep and you have really dark circles, you just want to fill in all the dark spots with your concealer. If you have mild or unnoticeable dark circles, you can actually contour a little bit, making a triangle that blends into the rest of your foundation. Put a little concealer on the strip of your nose, your forehead, and your chin. You can blend the concealer in with your finger. It doesn’t matter what brand you use, but if you’re curious, my personal favorite is Mac’s Prep + Prime. 

4.  Pressed powder: As my very last step, I set everything with a mineral press powder that is the same brand and shade as my foundation. I recently switched to Younique face makeup from Mac and Lancôme and am really happy with how light it is, while still offering full coverage. Now that you have your eyes and foundation finished, check out the next and final step in my next tutorial!