5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Balayage this Summer

1.  Balayage is Timeless Balayage is a hair coloring technique that has been around for decades, but it’s just in the last few years gained popularity with hair stylists and clients alike, and for good reason.   The term “balayage” is a French word meaning “to sweep,” or “to paint,” which refers to the free-hand technique that can only be used by hair stylists who have been trained in the art. No harsh lines. No crazy surprises. Your hair stylist will literally paint the color onto your hair exactly as it should be, creating a healthy, “sweeping” look that more resembles what the sun does to your hair naturally. And natural beauty is always in fashion.

2.  Balayage is Designed to Bring out All Your Best Features
Because the balayage technique allows for so much creativity, your hair stylist can customize it to enhance all your best features. Like a perfectly tailored outfit flatters everything you love about your body, balayage is customizable to your bone structure, your skin tone, how you like to part and style your hair. A well-trained balayage artist will know the perfect shades and color placement to light up your features and get you glowing this summer. Which, let’s be honest, you deserve.

3.  Balayage is So Easy to MaintainOne of the most beautiful things about balayage, in my opinion, is that it practically maintains itself. Because there are no harsh lines, it grows out beautifully. This makes upkeep less expensive, especially compared to other color and highlight techniques that require constant root touchups. While you can certainly change it up more often, I have clients who wait a full two to three months between sessions. Once you decide on your perfect style, you can let it grow out for an effortless summer look that leaves people asking, “Did she spend a month in the tropics, or is her hair stylist some kind of wizard?”

4.  Balayage is the Smartest Way to Try out Hot New Trends This is a big one. New seasons always bring about hot new hair trends, and, alas, we fall head over heels every time. Some of the hottest summer trends currently sweeping the Internet (or, should we say, “balayaging” the Internet?) are rose-gold and “blorange.”

Dramatic, all-over color changes are fun, but they can be a serious pain to keep up. Unless you’re about that #highmaintenancelife or keep a collection of high quality wigs (ahem, Kylie Jenner), you might be looking for something that will be easier on your time and wallet. You can ask your hair stylist to use the balayage technique for any hot new trend you want to try out. This balayage is a gorgeous mixture of blorange and rose gold, and she’ll be able to grow it out all summer with little-to-no touchup.

5.  Balayage is Perfect for Summer, and for Every Season If you haven’t realized by now, balayage is totally customizable based to your features, your tastes, and fashion’s constantly changing trends. That’s because it’s a technique, not a style, and it’s making our lives a whole lot easier. For example, if you have dark hair, you can go for high-contrast highlights this summer, and let it grow out and transform to a subtler caramel balayage for autumn.     Balayage is for everyone, any length and style of hair, and every crazy color trend. Unlike most summer romances, falling for balayage this summer will keep you smiling through many more seasons.