How to get WINTER HAIR & SKIN Back to health

It’s just about over, those cold days of winter. Not only do our bodies crave the freedom of warmer temperatures, our hair yearns for it as well.

Winter does a number on our skin and hair, and this is an excellent time to take a look at your hair and see if exposure to the drying effects of winter have damaged your hair more than you may have expected. Most of us know how hard summer can be on our hair, but winter causes its own frustrations. Static from being overly dry in heated homes and businesses. Breakage can result from stuffing our hair into a protective cap, but leaving your hair to fly free in freezing temperatures is even more damaging. And winter can dull our hair.

Not only is your hair needing attention, but your scalp as well. Any change in weather can cause your scalp to peel and flake. Because of winter’s low humidity, it dries out both our scalp and our hair. You may also have developed dandruff, which can trap oil at the roots of your hair, making your hair limp and heavy.

Not sure if you’re suffering dryness? Check that T-zone of your face. If it is usually oily, but by this time at the end of winter it’s dry . . . then your scalp and hair are overly dry as well.

It’s time to talk to your stylist about products that will combat all the enemies that come with winter hair. Static happens when your hair picks up an electrical charge from the dry air around you. As for a hydrating salon shampoo and conditioner that will moisturize your scalp and hair without too much heaviness. You might also consider an ionic hair dryer that is less drying than regular dryers do.

Fine straight hair that levitates? Get an anti-frizz cream and apply it just to the tips of your hair. A gentle comb-through will then transfer just enough along the entire hair shaft to control the frizz.

For those of you with medium texture hair, you can handle a slightly richer moisturizing process such as an anti-static spray that you spray on wet hair and leave it in as you style your hair.

Heavier hair may need a leave-in or overnight cream to combat static.

Always read labels. Anything with alcohol will dry out your tresses, further complicating winter’s destruction.

Consider a nourishing heat-protectant spray before any styling with heat to maintain that healthy glow. It will smooth out the cuticle of your hair, making it shiny again.

Just a few changes make a world of difference to winter-damaged hair.