8 Environmental Factors That Affect Your Hair

Your hair needs to be protected from far more than your daily styling routine and intermittent chemical treatments like coloring. UV light from the sun can decrease your hair’s strength and rob it of moisture. Pollution and dirt take a toll on your blowout. Here are a few environmental factors that could be harming your beautiful tresses.

1.  While vitamin deficiencies or malnutrition do not directly affect hair cuticles, it can make hair vulnerable to factors that can damage the cuticle. Solution?  Healthy eating habits will improve the strength of your hair.

2.  One study showed that cracks appear when the hair cuticles undergo a drastic reduction in water hydration status.  Solution?  Drink plenty of water a day.  A good goal is 64 oz!

3.  Some strong or over the counter shampoos, not only strip the hair of its natural oils but also injure the cuticle by tearing up the overlapping scales.  Solution?  Ask your stylist what the best shampoo is for your hair.

4.  Any amount of heat on your hair can cause damage by lifting the overlapping scales where water and other substances can enter.  Solution?  Try a thermal protectant spray before using a blow dryer or styling tool.

5.  Damaged hair cuticles can cause split ends and give your hair a rough look. Heat may also remove pieces of cuticle, causing a porous surface that weakens hair.  Solution?  Speak with your stylist about regular trims and special treatments availale for improving the shine of your hair such as deep conditioning or the Brazilian Blowout.

6.  Mild shampoos are gentler on hair cuticles, and not everyone must wash it every day.  Solution?  Try to add a day between washes when possible.

7.  Routine use of ponytail holders, combs, and clips can eventually wear away the hair cuticle. Even touching your hair too much by brushing or finger twirling, will harm the cuticle as well.  Solution?  Try to wear your hair down and free as much as you wear it up.  Also, break that twirling habit asap!!

8.  Chlorine found in swimming pools and the salt found in the ocean can damage your hair cuticles as well. Solution?  Keune’s Careline has an awesome sune hair line that protects your hair from this.  Ask your stylist about where to get this.

Following these tips will leave you with healthier, shinier hair for years to come.  Treating your hair well is as important as brushing your teeth and eating a balanced diet.

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