EmSculpt Neo Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area


Are You So Excited? We Are So Excited ForYou!!

The more you adhere to these EmSculpt Neo Program Instructions, the better results you will have!!


Thoroughly review the info below to see how much water you need to drink to prepare. Your body HAS TO HAVE a "carrier" (aka water) to flush out the fat through your lymphatic system.

Electrolytes are also good to drink during your treatments.

BTL Hydraton Tips and QR code for EmSculpt Neo

Diet and Exercise

Although diet and exercise is not a requirement to have EmSculpt Neo, if you are constantly putting in your body what the EmSculpt is fighting to get out, you will make it much harder on yourself. Consider slight diet changes, simple healthier choices when possible and brief 30 minute walks daily.

What to Expect

Every time you arrive for your EmSculpt Neo Sessions, you will want to remove all metal(and cell phone). We will also take photos each visit from the same angles. These help us track your progress. We will also get your weight, hydration %(must be ABOVE 40% to get the treatment, otherwise you will be better off to reschedule). We will also take measurements and calculate your BMI.*


*Please Ask for more detail. Chart below for reference.

BMI Table 12.3.23
BMI Greater than 35 Table 12.3.23

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