How do You get a Job at a Salon?

There are several ways to search for the best salon career for you, but will it be the right job at the salon, with the right team, specifically for you? Are you ready for when you find that perfect salon career? In order to be considered for a high end salon job in your area, do you know what you need to have ready?

So what if you haven't graduated cosmetology school... Maybe becoming an assistant is the perfect job opportunity you are seeking right now.

How do You Become a Salon Assistant?

First, it may be best if you have 300+ hours to begin seeking employment as a salon assistant. This way (at least in Kentucky), you can also shampoo when you are assisting. Which brings up the next point, you are going to be more desirable to hire, if you contact skateboard yourself and get your shampooing license application in before you apply for the assistant or salon associate position. Then, when you submit your online application and upload your resume, you can add that too. It may be just what you need to set yourself apart from the other hairstylist and/or cosmetology students who are job seeking! Think about it, if a salon owner has 2 qualified candidates, and only one assistant position, who do you think they will award the associate position to.... The one with more qualifications and who can be assist more effectively of course!

Hair Salon Receptionist Position

What if you haven't started cosmetology school yet, or you aren't at 300 hours? Most salons are happy if you are first seeking to work at the front desk as a receptionist before starting as an assistant and then becoming a hairstylist at that salon. It helps you gain experience with how to communicate and work with guest. It helps you learn and attend some trainings while you are there. You will have a head start on a career of success behind the chair within that salon company! Especially is you are seeking a career at a high end salon. You should absolutely get in the salon team early so you will have somewhat of a seniority when it's time for you to assist, then start working as a successful hairstylist behind the chair. Think of this you will also have a better understanding of the duties of a salon assistant, so you will be a better asset to your team!

Is it Hard to get a Job as a Cosmetologist?

Yes.... Well a promising job anyways. If you are interviewing for a salon career and it's only a 2-3 step process that takes less than a week to get hired... Your radar should go up! To get a long term promising career at a high end salon, they are seeking the most loyal, talented candidates with top notch integrity and character. They won't settle for just any hairstylist, even if talented, that walks through the door.

Cosmetology Career of your Dreams

Here are Your First Steps... Prepare yourself for the application and interviewing process, but don't take too long or you will miss the opportunity of any openings or getting your foot in the door soon enough.

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