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*** How do I become a successful cosmetologist. Scroll all the way down to see how to start your essay


Contest Details:

How do I become a successful cosmetologist?

- Tell us your plans, tell the world your thoughts, your feelings, what you’ve learned, what you believe, the steps you will take and your plan of action that will make you become a successful  cosmetologist.

- Essay 1000 word minimum (that’s cake!)

- Emailed to [email protected]

- Include a professional photo of yourself for the blog post

- Submitted before May 23 at 12 PM

- Winner Announced May 30th


How to Write a Great Cosmetology Essay - Where to Start

Where to start... 

  • Schedule out your plan of action and your timeline for completion
  • Reflect and Research what the most successful stylist are doing different. Take brainstorm notes as you do this   
  • Outline your essay Think of your main point and the other key points you want to portray and then organize them in an order that makes most sense. Create "sections" to your essay.
  • Start writing or as I like to do, talk into your phone and then go back and read what was actually written. Reread your essay outloud and edit where needed.
  • Edit Have someone else read and edit your essay. Make sure your grammar and spelling are correct. 
  • Submit your essay before May 23rd and keep checking our social media page and Career website page for the winner.