What is dimensional hair color?

Hair color choices at NKY Salon

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when booking a service at a salon? What is the difference
between regular color and dimensional hair color? Here at Zoe Grace Salon we offer multiple
color packages to help you achieve the best look for your skin tone and face shape.
First lets break down the hair color process. You have two main choices when it comes to color.
You either want dimensional hair color or you don’t. All over hair color is when one solid color is applied
all over the head, while dimensional hair color means you are using lighter and darker shades to add
depth to your hair.

When you arrive at Zoe Grace Salon we will start with a consultation to discuss your cut and
color. This allows us to look through your hair to see if there needs to be any corrections made
before creating the color of your dreams. Sometimes it will take multiple sessions to reach a
desired hair color. Hair color is complicated! Finding a salon that is best for you is key to find
the most flattering placement for you and your hair type.

It is important to understand the different types of dimension. There are low contrast
dimensions and high contrast dimensions. Low contrast dimensions can be a mixture of
balayage, base color, toning, and foiling. High contrast dimensions can sometimes take more
than one session to achieve the desired look. They can include highlights and lowlights typically
followed by a toner.

When working with highlights the goal is to create contrast. High-contrast highlights are much
lighter than the surrounding hair and provide a dramatic look. Lower-contrast highlights result
in a more natural look. During your consultation we will help you decide which look you prefer.
Dimension ultimately refers to the range of tones in your hair. We recommend a dimensional
color. It looks great styled any way and looks much more natural. Hair naturally contains high
and low points, it should be every stylist goal and is our goal at Zoe Grace Salon is to make your hair color service our little secret!