Winter Hair Care Tips

Think about the last time you met someone new. You probably noticed their hair. Whether it was washed, cut well, and whether or not it looked cared for. Beautiful and shiny hair always leaves a great impression, which is why knowing how to look your best, and take care of your hair is essential!

Now that it is winter, it is vital that you know how to take proper care of your hair. It helps to avoid extensive damage. The cold winter air combined with dry indoor air can lead to split ends, frizz and breakage.

This winter try a few of these tips to help prevent hair damage:

Skip The Wash

Shampooing less often in the winter can help with a multitude of things. For people that have dry flaky scalps cutting back on the shampoo with help to keep your skin hydrated and prevent flaking. To further add moisture switch to an oil-based moisturizer. All hair types are sensitive to cold weather and the additional layer of moisturizer will act as a protective barrier against the cold air. If your hair is starting to look dirty use dry shampoo. It will soak up some oils without fully stripping them from your hair, and it will add volume!

Do a Weekly Hair Treatment 

Take the time once a week to treat your hair. Talk to your stylist about picking out a leave in conditioner or hair treatment that will work best for you. Most treatments only require you to leave the product in for 20 mins. Little effort for maximum results! These treatments will replace the moisture that is lost throughout the winter season and will help to combat static.

Cut Down on Heat Styling

Using curling irons and flat irons during the winter season leads to continued damage and breakage. Separating from our heat tools can be difficult, but there are plenty of other style options that don’t require heat. Try out some braids, buns, ponytails, and hair accessories to avoid using heat. If you find yourself not being able to part with your heating tools make sure to always use a heat protectant!

Never Leave the House with Damp Hair

The holiday season can be a very busy time, but don’t rush out of the door with a damp head of hair. The cold air makes your hair expand, which increases breakage and makes your color fade faster. Take the time to dry your hair before going outside. Your hair will thank you!

These few steps can dramatically increase the difference in your hair over the winter season. They will keep your hair looking fabulous all year long. If you need a recommendation for products such as heat protectants, leave in conditioners, or hair treatments reach out to your stylist. They always love to help and will appreciate you taking the time to care for your hair!