Trouble with Fine, Thin Hair?


Some of us are born with fine, thin hair. Some of us discover that our hair seems to be thinning for no apparent reason. The truth about human hair is that as we age, our hair goes through three stages of growth. Number one is a growth phase, the next is transition phase, and finally the resting phase. In our youth, all phases are well balanced. As we age, however, we spend more time in the resting phase.

What does this mean for us? That as we age, we shed hair faster than it is growing back in. For women, unlike men, this means that we see a gradual thinning of our hair all over our scalp. In addition, women experience fluctuating hormones throughout their lives, which means that our hair can become lush and full, and other times it seems dull, thin, and lifeless. The good news is that you don’t have to put up with that.

The hair industry constantly researches the needs of their clients and come up with a variety of products that help hide thinning hair problems. The very best place to get advice is to talk to your stylist. You may notice that each time you visit, your stylist will try different products to give you the best result for your current cut. Not all stylists push the products. If you are particularly happy with how your hair behaves right after an appointment, be sure to talk to your stylist and ask about the products used on your hair and how to use them.

Typically, the products will create either a bit of friction, or even more dimension on the shaft of the hair. You might see things like “beach look” or “salt/sea water” which is one of the first products you might consider using. Depending on the product you select, you may use it either before or after drying the hair. These products provide a lot of lift, and as mentioned, friction. This means that when you do a little “teasing” of the hair, your hair actually retains the lift you envision.

Another choice is a styling powder. This is applied after the hair is dried, at the roots of the hair. Be sure to gently rub it into your scalp so no tell-tale white powder remains. Some people don’t like this as it gives your hair a “cotton-candy” feel. But your style has the holding power you just can’t beat!

Talk to your stylist about your current issues. Our hair changes throughout our lives. Keep looking smart and groomed by knowing what your hair currently needs today.