The 5 Hair Color Tips You Needed to Know Years Ago

#1 Box dyes are not your friend.
Listen, ladies. Time for some tough love: box hair dyes are total scams. If I could have one wish, just one wish, it would be that we would all stop trying to do DIY dye jobs at home. I know, I know, the neat boxes featuring pretty models sitting next to your razors and deodorant are way cheaper than a trip to the salon. But trust me when I say A few things they don’t tell you:

You’re only going to get the shade on the box if you have virgin, un-dyed hair sometimes if your hair is slightly lighter than what’s on the box. Otherwise, it’s a total crapshoot. Also, since the box only includes one formula, you’ll get one flat color with no dimension. And in the extremely likely event that it doesn’t look just like Beyonce’s hair does in the commercial (since, trust me, she spends thousands on her hair), you’re going to have to spend even more money to get it fixed. Please. If you only remember one of these hair color tips, let this be the one. Understand, there your stylist has many low-maintenance options and you should check with him or her before going the box route. You’ll probably save a lot of money in the long run.

#2 Broke? Get glazed
I definitely get the appeal of DIY jobs, though. I don’t want you to think all these hair color tips involve draining your wallet. Sometimes we want to keep up our color but just can’t justify the giant price tag that comes with full, professional treatment. If you need to freshen up old color, you can ask your hairstylist for some less expensive services, like a glaze or toner. A gloss or glaze will bring back some vibrancy to deflated color without costing quite as much as a full treatment. If your blonde has gone a little brassy, can also ask your hairstylist to add some toner to your hair to process out those unwanted pigments.

#3 Hair getting a bit green?
Green tones can creep up in your older dye job for a number of reasons, like product buildup or too much chlorine exposure. You can avoid this by thoroughly washing and rinsing your hair in the shower, making sure you get out all the products from the day. You can also use Keune’s Sun Shield Shampoo and Conditioner before swimming to protect your hair from sun and water.It will also remove any previous chorine build up that might have occurred. But if the green tones do happen, sometimes your stylist can use a simple tone to neutralize the color.Consult with him or her the minute you notice the change occurring!

#4 Your Color Line should equal your hair care line!
Let’s stop talking about sulfates, can we? There’s too many myths out there and not enough fact so here’s a fact you can stand by. Whatever color line your stylist uses, should also be the line of shampoo and conditioner you use. Why? Because that color care shampoo and conditioner has been tested on the very color your stylist used on your hair!!This ensures you’re using safe hair care that will truly be effective in protecting the color that you paid for.There are several to choose from Keune such as their Tinta Color Care, Color Brillianz and others.

#5 Please get a shower filter
Okay, I know I said the box dye was the most important of all the hair color tips, but this might actually be it: get a filter for your shower! I know you secretly love buying new things for your bathroom anyway! And, surprise, they’re not that expensive. I personally use the Aquasana head with filter. Then I simply replace the filter every six months.