Hairstyles and Hair trends for 2017

I’m so excited to create new haircuts for 2017 with all the upcoming hair cutting trends I learned in New York this weekend. Perfectly Imperfect is how I would describe these hairstyles. Different colors, textures and lengths. The upcoming 2017 trends in hair right now are all across the board, anywhere from smooth, to blunt, to extreme texture, to short hair, to long hair or short hair with perfectly imperfect long pieces placed throughout the haircut. Lots of disconnections in different haircuts, undercuts are big and haircuts with lots of internal layering, texture, and movement. It was a great trip and an informative cutting edge class!

 Short styles with undercut. Stylish 2017 Haircut    Awesome texture and layering for curly haircut. It's all about removing weight and adding texture, piecing your curlsLong style with lots of layers and texture. Heavy FringeBold Bob with heavy blunt fringe yet moveable layers through the topFunky hair lots of texture, under cutting, long and short pieces. Perfecting Imperfect layeringHeavy fringy with light layering for long hairstylesTextures Hairstyle with short Undercut through back and sides  Side very of textured hair with undercutBlunt Bob with texture through top layers and full fringeBlunt Bob with texture through top layers