End of Summer Hair Care

After a summer of water and sun, sometimes we only being to notice that part of our body may not have been as well protected as it could have been. Our hair. It’s easy to forget our hair, because technically it’s dead. We don’t feel pain if it gets too much sun, salt, or water. But while damage from exposure to the elements of summer occurs, there are ways to help bring life and luster back to our tresses. Visit your stylist with the specific aim to rejuvenate your hair.

According to Melissa Baker, trainer for Rene Furterer hair care products in Paris says, “While you have the protective coating on hair called the hydrolipidic film, if you have dry hair, that film is broken down somewhat anyway, when you color it, it breaks down a little more – but when you add sun, salt water, and chlorine, you can destroy the film altogether.” The end result is, “Hair looks, feels, acts, and actually is, crying out for moisture,” says Baker.

Just as with your skin, your hair is made up of proteins that need moisture to function. Unlike our skin which gets its supply of water from our bodies, hair can’t do that. And once the moisture is gone, it is gone.

How do you undo the damage?

Try not to turn to gels and other styling aids. Plan on taking a little more time with your hair care regimen. Get advice from your stylist about a salon-quality moisturizing shampoo and a rinse-out conditioner.

But you’re not done!

Now you must add a leave-in conditioner too.

Rinse-out conditioners don’t give your hair any protection. Using a leave-in conditioner, one that is sprayed on after washing or styling, takes manageability and protection to an entirely new level. According to Juan Juan of J Beverly Hills Salon, these products coat your hair, sealing in the moisture you replenished with your shampoo and conditioner. It also seals out further damaging elements such as sun and water.

If you need more help, have your stylist give you a hair mask treatment, which moisturizes hair in the same way a facial mask moisturizes your skin. The longer you leave this on your hair, the better the results, so plan for at least an hour of mask treatment with your stylist.