Summer Hair: Preventing Split Ends

Summertime is a battle against damaging your hair, split ends are the result of fraying the hair shaft due to excessive heat, dryness, stress and excessive use of chemicals. Split ends can make your hair look dull, damaged and even frizzy. To win the battle against damaged hair, you need to know how to prevent split ends.

The best way to prevent split ends is to learn healthy daily habits to ensure the best care for your hair. By using proper hair care, you can also strengthen your hair. Brushing your hair correctly is very important. Do not use a harsh brush on your hair. Use a cushioned paddle with flexible bristles. Use a brush on your hair only when it is dry. Or a brush specifically made for wet hair when your hair is wet. Always start detangling at your ends and work your way to the roots of your hair.

You can skip washing your hair every day. Washing every other day allows the natural oils to help protect your hair. However on the days you don’t wash, it’s important to not use hot tools on your have, or use very sparingly. Be sure to use good professional shampoo and conditioning products specific to what your hair needs to help prevent split ends from starting.

Spread shampoo through your hands first, then apply to the crown of your head and lather downward keeping your hair straight. Rinse well, sliding your fingers in at your scalp and lifting your hair away from your scalp, allowing the water to run through and rinse your scalp well. This is especially important to do in your crown and on the sides of your scalp.

Spread your conditioner through your hands first and then through your ends. Apply conditioner directly to the ends of your hair and leave it on for a few minutes.

Do not bunch your hair in a towel. Wrap a towel around your hair and squeeze different areas to pull out the excess water. I like the hair towel wraps you can buy at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Use a leave-in conditioner afterwards. I recommend Keune 2-Phase spray as a leave in. Brushing wet hair will make it more susceptible to tearing. Only use a wide toothcomb or Wet Brush (brush specifically made for wet hair) on wet hair. This will help manage your hair without causing breakage to the ends. Feel free to stop in the salon and ask for any of these products.

Anything that uses heat to style your hair can damage it. Try to style with as few hot tools and let it air dry or be sure enough to use heat protectant that protects high enough for the heat temperature you’re using. If you must use a hair dryer avoid placing direct heat on the ends of your hair until absolutely necessary and be sure to point the nozzel of the blowdrier in the same direct of your hair strand, so you’re not blowing air against the grain of your hair.

Get regular haircuts. When getting your hair trimmed, cut about an inch to an inch and a half above the split end. Split ends will continue to grow if you don’t take care of the damaged hair. The only way to truly get rid of split ends once you have them is to cut them off and then prevent them from coming back with good professional salon product and regular trims.

Use high quality hair care products. Consult your hair dress for recommendations.

Always, always, always be gentle with your hair. Treat it like it is a delicate fabric.