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Cincy Chic Covers Zoe Grace Salon

By Ella King / October 15, 2018

Cincy Chic features Zoe Grace Salon – read the full article here.

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Win a Complete Beauty Makeover

By Ella King / September 29, 2018

Celebrate Zoe Grace Salon’s Grand Opening in Ft. Mitchell Nominate Someone Special for a FREE Complete Beauty Makeover! The winner will be drenched in indulgence that will include an image consultation, haircut and color, shampoo and scalp massage, makeup application, manicure and an outfit to wear for their big reveal! Give Someone A Dream Come…

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Tips for Choosing the Best Salon Near Me

By Ella King / May 5, 2018

After a few trips to the beach or other fun summer vacations you may find yourself asking Google “what is the best hair salon near me?” The summer winds, salt, and chlorine can be rough on your hair and choosing a salon to help tame your summer hair can feel overwhelming. Whether you are searching for a…

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Dry Shampoo vs. Texturizing Powder

By Ella King / February 8, 2018

Contrary to popular belief, the two products are NOT one and the same. Shampooing is designed to clean your hair of dirt, oil, and hair products. Dry shampoo is a temporary solution used to give the appearance of cleaner hair. it is typically alcohol or starch-based to soak up excess oil that tends to weigh…

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New Year’s Goals

By Ella King / January 5, 2018

The New Year is here! It is time for a fresh start. For many people, this means leading a healthier lifestyle and losing weight. If this is your goal, you might try a few of these tips to get back on track: New Year New You – Zoe Grace Salon NKY 1. What is Your…

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Trouble with Fine, Thin Hair?

By Ella King / January 5, 2018

Some of us are born with fine, thin hair. Some of us discover that our hair seems to be thinning for no apparent reason. The truth about human hair is that as we age, our hair goes through three stages of growth. Number one is a growth phase, the next is transition phase, and finally…

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The Importance of Relationships

By Ella King / January 5, 2018

According to John Donne, “No man is an island.” As much as we might sometimes like to just hibernate in a cave, most of us don’t have that option. Living as part of a society requires the ability to work well with others whether at work, in the grocery story, the church parking lot, or…

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What is Self-Image?

By Ella King / December 4, 2017

We don’t see people as they are, We see them as we are. ~ Anais Nin Self-image is created from projections of our own beliefs and the beliefs of others. Once we believe such projections, they become part of our identity, whether it is true or not. Self-image is a collection of our own experiences…

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looking great at a moments notice

Looking Great at a Moment’s Notice

By Ella King / December 4, 2017

It’s almost five o’clock Friday afternoon and you get a text from Tessa, “Party at my place 6:30. Come ready to ring in the season!” And so it starts . . . With all the holiday events you’ll be attending this month, knowing how to use your styling products will make the difference between walking…

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5 Best Fall Hair Colors

By Ella King / November 27, 2017

5 hair colors perfect for fall! With the leaves changing colors, so should our hair! Fall comes with so many different and beautiful shades that leave us wanting change! Here are the 5 best colors for fall hair change! ZoeGraceSalon 1. Golden – Like the golden leaves of autumn, golden highlights are perfect for fall!…

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